Take over

Dear New Operator,

As you are new to one of our site, we would like to introduce ourselves, Major Plants Limited, as your supplier of the floral arrangements.

Our Services

We supply and maintain your flowers, hanging baskets and/or window boxes. All flowers, hanging baskets, window boxes, micro-irrigation system, brackets and other accessories related to your floral decoration is the property of Major Plants Limited, all of which we rent for a flat monthly fee.

Maintenance Includes:

  • All year-round display
  • A minimum 18 site visits per year for feeding, cutting, watering and fertilizing the plants
  • More frequent calls when constant attention is required
  • Free replacements of any dead, dying or fail to perform plants
  • Maintenance of the irrigation system
  • Pest control on containers
  • Cleaning of foliage and containers
  • *Change the bedding plants twice a year – Autumn and Spring
    ( Autumn - from 1st week of October. Spring - from 1st week of May )

  • You can easily take-over the existing flower agreement by simply paying our next or following invoioces!

    If, however, you would like a full quotation from us then please click on the following link:


    Once we receive your information, your quotation will be sent to you. Removal of our flower system will be scheduled if you inform us to do so or invoices are unpaid.

    If you have any questions or queries, please contact us on: 0800-111 4014. We hope to continue our expert services at your site and look forward to working with you.