About Us

Major Plants limited specialises

in providing cost effective, visually striking hanging basket maintenance services. This means that we design plant arrangements to suit your business, typically a combination of hanging baskets and window boxes, and a range of plants to provide your business with a really welcoming and eye catching appeal.

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Summer planting

Planting of summer displays: starts from the 1st of May. Pre-bookings are welcome, late planting depends on availability. Timing is everything especially in our industry. Please ask for details!

Winter planting

Planting of winter displays: starts from the 1st of October. Pre-bookings are welcome, late planting depends on availability. Timing is everything especially in our industry. Please ask for details!

Quick installation

4 STEP Installation Scheme
We are keen to get your job done as quickly as possible

Why us?

We are passionate about what we do!

Our customers tell us how much of a difference our service makes to them.

Calling in experts like Major Plants Limited means you can get on with your business while we ensure that your plant arrangements and beer gardens will never let you down. We've been working directly with pubs and the hospitality industry for many years and making sure your business looks its best is our business!



Quick Installations. No contracts. Quality maintenance services.

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Blowing, sweeping, raking all surfaces. Monthly or forthnightly packages

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Besides our traditional display services, we offer pastoral planting and pot maintenance as well



Prevent water damage! All of our troughs are enabled with SMART DRAINEGE SYSTEM for free of charge

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Each year we produce thousands of hanging baskets. We are purchasing all of winter plants from UK nurseries to aid the economy. We are proud to announce our partnership with Rushmere Nurseries Ltd from Leighton Buzzard.


Reduce water use in plants watering process by changing over our timer control devices to more sophisticated ones. Turning garden waste into compost and soil conditioner. Ensure 90% of product packaging is either recyclable or programs are in place to create the ability to recycle it.


Our bees are in crisis. Without them, our environment and economy - including our food - are in trouble too. We need them to pollinate our fruit and vegetables. Major Plants ltd is part of the solution as we try to plant as many bee-friendly plants as possible.


service guarantee

With our Multi -Award-Winning maintenance service we ensure that your plants maintain a high standard of appearance at all times. To keep your plant arrangements fresh and colourful, you will receive our service guarantee for all year round. *Vandalism, theft, and damage to your hanging basket and pot plants/flowers as a result of a disconnected water supply are not covered by the service guarantee.


Amazing! The pub has over 107,000 likes on Instagram — at The Masons Arms. #BEAUTIFULDESTINATIONS LONDON,UK

58 Devonshire St, Marylebone, London W1W 5EA

This installation looks absolutely stunning!!!! SOO many customers have told us. Thank you!! Curious now what happens in Winter. Anyway just wanted to let you know Pujan

Chigwell Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green